Biofinity Family


  • 3rd generation Silicone Hydrogel material for upgrading patients to improved technology
  • Monthly replacement lenses
  • Designed to provide excellent comfort for daily or overnight wear
  • Long silicone chains for exceptional oxygen transmissibility
  • Natural wettability
  • Low modulus, high Dk for a variety of needs


Biofinity XR
– Premium monthly disposable Silicone Hydrogel lens with outstanding performance
– Aquaform material ensures low levels of dehydration and deposition
– Approved for both daily wear and continuous wear modalities
– High oxygen transmissibility for improved corneal health
– Patented round-edge design to reduce interaction with conjunctiva and eyeliD

Biofinity Multifocal
– Premium monthly disposable multifocal Silicone Hydrogel lens with outstanding performance
– Creates a naturally hydrophilic lens that locks water within the lens, minimising dehydration
– Stays moist without the need of wetting agents
– The high wettability of the lens surface resists deposits for less build-up and increased comfort
– Provides the high levels of moisture needed for eyes with age-related dryness

Biofinity Toric
– Premium monthly disposable toric Silicone Hydrogel lens with outstanding performance
– Horizontal Symmetrical Thickness Profile Orientates consistently and predictably,giving better
visual acuity, simple fitting and reducing chair time.
– Wide, Consistent Ballast Area The ballast area is the same, regardless of power.
– Extensive Power Range with around the clock axes. All Cylinders in all the sphere powers.
– Smooth Continuous Surface The moulD are free of junctions, which gives excellent comfort in the
contact lens. Round edge designs reduce conjunctival interaction to enhance comfort.