Options Multi Solution


  • Cleans with stand-alone activity
  • Removes protein and disinfects
  • Improves lens lubrication
  • Stores and rinses all soft contact lenses
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Provides moisture


Options Multi contact lens solution keeps your lenses clean and provides all-day comfort. This means you can wear them for longer without any problems.
Having similar ingredients to natural human tears, this solution is very safe to use and suitable for sensitive eyes. It acts as a disinfectant which means it protects your eyes from germs and debris. This makes cleaning your lenses a quick and easy process, convenient for active lifestyles.
The solution contains substances that provide moisture to your eyes by coating the lens with a layer of water. This limits the irritation caused by dryness and provides a smooth sensation when blinking. It also repels dirt and debris and maintains clear vision.